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Top of the Line Leather from a Mountaintop in North Carolina.

If you’re looking for the highest quality leather furniture, your search will lead you to Leathercraft in Conover NC. (Check out their website here)

While the word “leather” is used loosely at the big box stores and online merchants the craftsmen at Leathercraft use only the finest hides to create true masterpieces. Every sectional, sofa, loveseat, chair, ottoman, barstool, recliner, bed and desk chair is painstakingly built by hand and upholstered in your choice of over 500 hides or performance fabrics. From supple suede to fully protected commercial grade leather we will help you select the perfect one for your home or business. Since 2010 our Leathercraft sofas, chairs and ottomans have graced the lobby of the Historic Hotel Bethlehem. (check out their website here)

The owners of the hotel insisted on furniture that is beautiful, durable and able to be customized to fit the grand style of their historic hotel. The frames of every piece are crafted from solid American hardwood and carbon steel 8 way hand tied springs to give you luxuriously long lasting support. Pick up a seat cushion on any of the pieces we have on display and you will feel the weight and quality of their premium spring poly cushion cores. The leather itself is full grain cowhide from the world’s finest tanneries. The majority of “leather” offered by mass merchants are actually “splits” which is a thin layer of the hide. Even worse than the cheap split hides is a product called “bonded leather”. Bonded leather is ground up leather scraps mixed with an adhesive and sprayed onto a fabric backing. The bonded leather scraps are covered with a clear urethane coating that will wear off and leave you with an unusable mess. Google “bonded leather class action lawsuit “ to see why you should never buy it. Conversely full grain cowhide is extremely durable and will provide you with decades of enjoyment if properly maintained. We welcome the opportunity to educate you on full grain leather as well as premium performance fabrics. Whichever you choose you can never go wrong with Leathercrafts premium American made offerings!

While our American companies exclusively manufacture in America it’s not as easy when choosing an American vehicle. I was recently looking for an American made truck and was disappointed to learn Chevrolet had moved production of their flagship Silverado to Mexico. The friendly family owned Quigley Chevrolet in Bally informed me that while the Silverado was no longer American made the Colorado is made with pride in Wentzville Missouri! I was thrilled to be able to give my business to a true family car dealership and also purchase a vehicle that Keeps America Working!


Greg Ebert


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