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  • How does your interior design service work?
    Simply visit our showroom or give us a call to set up an appointment with one of our trained interior designers.
  • What is the interior designing process?
    The interior decorating process will vary depending on how much assistance and input the client is looking for. For a full interior design service the first visit can either be at the store or at the client's location. Step One: Sit down with the client and find out exactly how they want to use their space and what they want to achieve. Step Two: Take measurements of the space to make sure everything is a perfect fit and the area flows as intended. The trained interior designer will also take into account the size of the doorways, hallways and other obstacles to make sure the selected products can be delivered without issues. Step Three: Draw the floor plan and select the furnishings, fabrics, and finishes based on the clients input from the initial meeting. Step Four: Meet with the client to go over the floor plan and present the recommendations of furnishings, fabrics, and finishes. Step Five: After placing the order and having it delivered and placed according to your floor plan you can enjoy your new space! Your interior decorator will be available to add any finishing touches you may want or for any questions or concerns in the future.
  • What does an interior designer do?
    A trained interior designer is able to take the stress off of you and help your projects go smoothly and achieve the exact results you want. A professional designer will use their training and expertise to space plan your room and coordinate your colors. A professionally drawn floor plan of your room is an integral part of an on-site interior design consultation and assures everything will fit and flow in the way you intended. The biggest thing a trained interior designer does is make your life easier!
  • Who do I call if I have a service or warranty issue?
    Call the store and ask for the owner Greg Ebert. He will call you back personally to answer your questions or concerns and to set up any appointments for service.
  • What styles of furniture does Ebert Furniture Gallery carry?
    In a nutshell, our furniture shop carries every style that is in practical use today. Although the majority of furniture we have on display leans more casual contemporary, we can accommodate even the most traditional and formal of tastes and have examples of those furniture styles as well. You are not locked in to the fabrics, leathers, or finishes you see on our floor. Explore our vast array of choices!
  • Where is your furniture made?
    90% of the products we offer are made right here in the USA. We deal as locally as possible and proudly offer merchandise from Hanover, Hazelton, and Lancaster PA as well as Virginia, Indiana, Tennessee, and more.
  • How affordable are your products?
    We pride ourselves on offering high-quality merchandise that is also a tremendous value. Although we do carry some very upscale brands we also carry some more basic merchandise at an affordable price point. We can accommodate any reasonable budget. We can also offer free layaway and interest free payment plans.
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