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Fashion Forward Upholstery From Small Town Virginia

Since opening our doors nearly 20 years ago, Rowe Fine Furniture ( has been our biggest draw of customers from far and wide. With over 600 fabrics to choose from and a huge variety of styles it’s easy to see why people search out this brand. In addition to the obvious aesthetics of Rowe’s products their custom seating is another reason for the brand loyalty. While some love to sink into Rowe’s luxurious down wrapped cushions others prefer the supportive seating of the extra firm cushion option. Whatever your preference we have all of Rowe’s seat cushion options in our showroom for you to try out. No matter which style, color or comfort level you choose rest assured they will be carefully crafted with pride in the USA! Nestled in the southwestern portion of Virginia and with a population of under 1,000 is the All American hamlet of Elliston. Although this town is small they are home to one of the biggest names in sectionals, sofas, loveseats and chairs since 1946. Since their humble beginnings Rowe has remained committed to producing a high quality product manufactured by a skilled American worker. The fact that many of our customers are just now replacing Rowe pieces we delivered in the early 2000s is a testament to that quality and brand loyalty. Visit our Studio Rowe Gallery in the front of our showroom and sit for yourself!

While Rowe has a huge selection of durable stain resistant performance fabrics they only offer them on their furniture. When I’m looking for performance fabrics for myself, especially in the summer heat, I visit the made in the USA collection at Fairway and Greene (

Fairway and Greene offers a great selection of American Made polos with moisture wicking technology. These shirts will keep you cool and looking professional through the dog days of summer. While they’re suitable for the golf course, I’m not a golfer. These shirts keep me cool in our warehouse and keep me presentable to talk to customers. Make sure you search Made in USA on their website as not all of their products are domestic and we want to….

Keep America Working,

Greg Ebert


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