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Old World Craftsmanship Meets Modern Design

For sofas, sectionals, loveseats, chairs and ottomans you can’t get higher quality or more American made than Hallagan Fine Furniture in upstate NY. Founded in 1899 Hallagan continues to manufacture all of their bench made (no assembly line) goods in the All American town of Newark NY. Owners Steve and Walt Hallagan utilize the most state of the art machinery to perfectly cut the patterns and fabrics along with meticulous hand craftsmanship in the upholstering and 8 way hand tying of the springs to produce a true bench made product. In addition to the over 600 fabrics available you can also choose your arm style, back style, length, seat depth, and leg style with finish. Some models have an optional skirt and all models are available in your choice of seat firmness. The foam for the seat cushions is top of the line qualux made in Litiz PA. We are proud to be the exclusive dealer for in the greater Lehigh Valley area. We show a nice selection of models along with the entire wall of fabrics. Come in and “sit for yourself “ true American bench made quality. Our talented designers will help you put together a style that is uniquely yours.

With the start of spring it’s a great time to get outside and walk or run through our beautiful Lehigh Valley parks. If you're considering replacing your old sneakers to make those walks/runs more comfortable I suggest you visit and type made in USA in the search bar. Not all New Balance shoes are American made but they have a section titled “Made in USA Collection “ that have a domestic value of 70% or more and are manufactured in one of their factories in Maine or Massachusetts. I can tell you that they are much more substantial than their imported shoes and will give you many more years of service as opposed to the less expensive models. Enjoy the warmer weather while supporting ethical American manufacturing!

Keep America Working,

Greg Ebert


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