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Ebert Furniture Gallery’s commitment to American manufacturing.

Growing up in the Lehigh Valley I was exposed to American manufacturing my entire childhood and never gave it much thought. My Dad worked at Royal Manufacturing in Alburtis, PA where they made underwear and T-shirts. He lost his job when I was in 6th or 7th grade and the factory moved down south in search of lower wages and costs to compete with off shore manufacturing. My paternal grandfather spent most of his life as a meat cutter for A&B Meats in Allentown who’s products were found in markets throughout the region. My maternal grandfather worked in the coke works plant for the Bethlehem steel, the steel that built America.

Although he was long retired I still remember the Morning Call headlines detailing the demise of the steel and the number of jobs lost with each shuttered division. We used to build things here, a lot of things and exported more than we imported. We still do manufacture domestically just not as much and it’s harder to find.

In addition to my American made furniture, mattresses, rugs and lamp lines I want to share with you other American made products that I use personally that you may enjoy. I’ll also detail the many benefits of buying American from the positive impacts on the environment, improving global human rights, the obvious economic benefits and much more.

Thanks for reading my introduction and I hope you check back in!

Keep America Working,

Greg Ebert


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