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Bedroom manufacturing in the heart of PA

Our main source for bedroom furniture is only about an hour’s drive from the showroom in bucolic Myerstown PA. It’s in this pastural PA hamlet that the Martin family has been handcrafting beautiful beds, dressers, chests, armoires and nightstands for generations. Utilizing the finest Pennsylvania cherry, maple and oak they are creating future heirlooms that are sure to be passed down through your family. Your choice of finish is meticulously applied on site in their state of the art paint booth to ensure a dust free silky smooth finish. The finishing touch is your choice of hardware to make each piece uniquely yours. While visiting them this week I took a picture of the paint booth in the factory to give you a visual of where the manufacturing takes place. Out of respect for our Amish friends we did not take their picture because they don’t like that! Keep that in mind when visiting Amish country. They are a unique culture and religion inside of America not a tourist attraction. We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Cupola bedroom furniture in the Lehigh Valley and welcome you to see and feel their quality in the lower level of our showroom.

As promised in an effort to promote all types of American manufacturing I’d like to share a brand I like that you may like too. For years I was looking for American made jeans that fit well and weren’t the $400 selvedge denim that have to be hand washed. I finally found a company making jeans right in Chicago USA that look great and fit like a glove. Visit to see their full line of mens and womens jeans plus other great made in America apparel and accessories. I bought my first pair a little over a year ago and they’ve held up well after multiple washings. In addition to the regular blue jeans they also offer khaki and black which work well for situations where blue jeans are too casual. Try a pair for yourself and support a great made in the USA brand!

Keep America Working,

Greg Ebert


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