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Tips for Selecting the Right Furniture for Your Living Room

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Choosing living room furniture for your home is quite exciting. You obviously have some ideas regarding color, style, and arrangements.

However, you still don’t know how these pieces will look once they’re all set in your living room. To achieve the living room of your dreams, you must choose the right furniture pieces. Here are some tips to help you on your way:

Create a plan

You must have a visual plan of your prospective interior layout. You can draw it on paper or do a formal, professional 3D design using desktop tools. This way, you can get a good view of your living room and choose suitable pieces that’ll complement the space excellently.

Begin with the basics

Before getting into the complex stuff regarding style, you should start from the basics. Consider the type of space you have and search for starter pieces like center tables, side tables, sofas, and armchairs.

After you’ve covered the basics, you can reassess the living room for the extra space and the right-sized furniture to suit these spaces.

Chose moveable or multi-purpose pieces

When choosing living room furniture pieces, you shouldn’t get carried away by fancy pieces with reduced functionality or versatility.

Make sure that the pieces you pick are multi-purpose. This way, you can ensure that your living room will function in various ways.

For instance, pull-out sofa beds are excellent for overnight guests. If you have a party, folding TV tables can act as makeshift table spaces. You can quickly retract them when they’re not needed.

Moveable chairs are also nice, particularly if you have guests over.


When selecting living room furniture, you want to ensure that the pieces complement not just one another but also your space.

Even if you’re choosing vastly different pieces, their color and styles must look great when you put them together. If not, you won’t be able to achieve great vibes, as the layout will appear disjointed.

Here, the best option is to choose a theme and stick to it while choosing furniture pieces. After you’ve got the main pieces right, you can select smaller complementary pieces to add an extra touch of beauty and luxury to the living space.

Remember to make provisions for storage space

Who says your furniture pieces have to be decorative alone?

You can add a functional element to your living room furniture by selecting pieces that act as mini storage spaces for fancy items. For instance, you can choose a shelf to display your favorite books or your collection of art pieces and mementos.

You can get a few cabinets to hold board games and seasonal items. If you’re selecting coffee tables or an ottoman, choose ones with storage spaces underneath.

Ebert Furniture has a wide range of luxury and functional furniture pieces to choose from. Visit our showroom at 3602 Broadway, Allentown, PA 18104 or call us at 610-395-5997 today.


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